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E-Fill Electric Charging Management System


E-Fill CMS best suited for commercial & private charging stations. It helps you in live monitoring. Tariff management along with many other exciting advance features to run EV charging business efficiently.

With E-Fill monitoring your EV charging is possible at fingertips. You can access the CMS – on desktop as well as mobile phone using our application.


Features of our CMS


Dynamic Lead Management


Advance Pricing Mechanism


Online Setting Management


Earn Additional Revenue


OCCP 1.6 & 2.0 Protocol Support


Remote Monitoring

Easy to use CMS

E-Fill Electric Telematics/ IOT Solution


E-Fill EV Telematics allows you to keep a bird-eye on your E-vehicle/ fleet and thereby help you to improve fleet utilization, optimize charging cycles, enhance battery life and track your EV partners and operators performance.

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