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We provide the future ready electric (EV) power-train and electric Light Commercial Vehicle (E-LCV), ideal for transporting goods and couriers in and around the city. The E-LCV is perfectly engineered to provide long running range and fast charging ability thus providing the best solution to its customers.

Greener and cheaper than buying new LCV

Logistics is one of the segments which requires a major change in order to become sustainable and eco-friendly, and E-Fill electric is ready for the LCV sector with its solution. Our solution of zero-emission drivetrain can be used to power a new vehicle or to repower an existing diesel/petrol driven LCV by converting it into an E-LCV. Conversion of old diesel/petrol LCV makes the most profitable business since our drive system are engineered with regenerative braking so that you achieve significant savings in running cost.

Why should you choose Electric LCV

  • Reduced dependence on Petrol/diesel fuel
  • Low Running Cost
  • Be a leader in a rapidly growing global market
ev cost efficient than fuel
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Reduced emission of Greenhouse Gases (GHG)
  • Customized service based on your requirement

Key Features

  1. Automatic Drive
    No more worries of gears and clutches
  2. Load Capacity
    >1000kg load capacity
  3. Range
    100-150km range covered on a single Charge.(customizable as per need)
ev charging by efill
  1. Running Cost
    Running Cost is less that a Re 1/km
  2. Charging
    Easy to Charge at your warehouse also
  3. Maintenance
    70-80 % Low maintenance cost
  4. Top Speed
    Top speed up-to 70 km/hr

We customize LCV Based on your Business operations

We provide a variety of Pack box as per customer demands and business requirements. Here is the list of customizations provided by us.

Pick-Up Van

Box Van

electric conversion kit

Canvas Van

electric light commercial vehicle

Cage Van

electric vehicle conversion kit

Flat bed Van

We give a second life to your old LCVs & quite an electrifying one, literally!

  • Initial Analysis
    We will be analysing the data for your LCV Fleet and routes. We will be analysing the number of days of operations and distance travelled by each LCV.
  • Conversion Kit Installation
    We will be converting your LCV into ELCV under expert supervision. our drive systems are engineered to minimize fuel consumption by recovering kinetic energy, the fleet can achieve significant cost savings.
  • Customized solution exactly as per your need
    As per our analysis we will be coming up with the personalized Electric conversion kit suitable for your operation with optimized battery performance.
  • Charging infrastructure installation
    We will be also installing charging stations at your warehouses so that your fleet have required charge for whole day operation so that you don’t need to worry for going out of charge ever.
electric vehicle conversion process

You can also calculate your total savings by converting your current Diesel E-LCV to an E-LCV by clicking here: Savings Calculator for an E-LCV .

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