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For the dynamic and fast changing world of the public transportation and the increasing cost of fuel, intra-city transport buses are seeking for alternate source of energy which is Greener and cost-effective.
The solution for this is E-Fill’s EV conversion kit which reduces the cost of running, maintenance and has zero exhaust emission into the environment.

Greener and cheaper than buying new buses Go for Electric Bus Chargers

E-Fill’s solutions for zero-emission drivetrain can be used to power a new bus fleet or to repower an existing diesel engine buses by converting it into Electric Bus(E-Bus) and moving to electric bus chargers. Conversion of old diesel buses makes the most profitable business– because our drive systems are engineered to minimize the running through regenerative braking so that you can achieve significant cost savings. And you would be helping in creating a greener future by reducing noise and particulate pollution.

Benefits of choosing E-Buses

  • Less Noisy & No Clutch or Gear changes in traffic.

  • 70% – 80% lower maintenance cost than conventional ICE buses

  • 20%-50 % lower running cost per Km

  • Smart Vehicle connected with IOT

  • 100% safe for driver & increased safety of vehicle

Forget Diesel, Go Electric

Environmental Benefits

Full EV and range-extended EV buses are ideal in inner city environments where the effect of high emissions and low vehicle fuel economy have the greatest negative impact on operators and passengers.

Increased Profits

Fuel savings alone mean that most operators will see a return on their EV investment within five years. That’s without taking account of any subsidies or Government incentives

Superior Range

Ranges vary according to the technology deployed, but it’s possible to achieve more than 250 km on a single charge. A current E-Fill solution incorporates 338.4 kwh of in Built battery capacity will enable a service bus to achieve a range upto 250 km on a single charge

Lower Operating Cost

Due to very low operating costs as there is huge savings on maintenance and fuel cost, the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a retrofitted vehicle is lower than for a new electric bus as well as a regular diesel bus.

Extended life span

E-Fill conversion kit gives your existing diesel buses a sustainable “second life”: Retrofitting will extend the vehicle life by up top 10 years.

Customized Range and Battery Capacity

With its 94 per cent efficiency and lightweight design features an E-Fill electric drivetrain can match most existing vehicle’s driving ability. Our driving motor come with outputs of 2900 Nm Rated Torque / max Torque and 200 kW Rated / Max. power. Our electric bus chargers are most efficient and cost effective.

The bus with battery capacity of 338.4 kwH can achieve upto 250 km of range on a single charge.

Prioritising the environment: zero emissions bus with no noise

Government plan to enhance air quality by 2030 and also have announced to build a number of Clean Air Zones in major cities. The most polluting vehicles, including old busses, would be prohibited from accessing these Zones.

E-Fill ‘s electrical bus drive system has no tailpipe emissions, uses regenerative braking technology to remove the contaminants generated by traditional brake pads, and works almost noiselessly. Typical environmental savings of 33 tons of CO2 and 535 kg of NOx per year were estimated on an EV city bus.

The Retrofitting process

  1. Analysis
    We analyze your driving operation with regard to route lengths, uphill gradients, traffic conditions and other influencing factors. In addition, we carry out a detailed technical assessment of the vehicles to be converted.
  2. Concept
    Based on the analysis data, we design the battery, powertrain and charging concept specifically to ensure that the bus will be able to meet all of your everyday requirements
  3. Retrofitting
    We will be converting your diesel buses into E-Bus under expert supervision in our certified workshops
  4. Charging Solution
    We will be also installing electric bus chargers and charging stations at your parking space, destination and en-route dhabas, so that your buses have required charge throughout the journey and you don’t have to worry for going out of charge ever.

Why you don’t have to worry about running out of charge, ever?

Source Depot

We will be installing charging stations at your source depot and parking spaces.

Charge while you stop

We will be installing charging stations at your preferred stops.


While you rest at your destination, you can charge again.

En-Route charging Stations

Charge from our en-route charging stations

All about Electric buses

An Electric bus conversion KIT comprises of below equipment:

  • Electric Powertrain;
  • Battery Pack;
  • Battery Management System (BMS);
  • Battery Cooling System;
  • Traction Motor Cooling System;
  • Charger (On-board and Off-board);
  • High Voltage (HV) connections;
  • HV cables routing;
  • DC Charging inlet;
  • Maintenance Switch;
  • Low Voltage (LV) architecture.

You can also calculate your total savings by converting your current Diesel Buses to an E-Bus by clicking here: Savings Calculator for an E-Bus .

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